Change Flask Root Folder for Templates and Static Files

Today I was facing a problem, I didn't know how to change Flask root directory. Flask by default look for templates and static files under the root directory (/), how can we change that? Changing the root path Here's my directory structure: . ├── api_files │ ├── static │ │ └── style.css │ └── templates │ └── index.html ├── api.

Create Multiple Directories With Makedirs

You don’t need a bunch of if’s and else if’s to create an array of directories in python, just the good ol’ makedirs.

How to Handle a Deque in Python

Deques are a great way to handle memory efficient appends to a list-like object, it is a special module that allows you to handle list items in a more appropriate way.

Return a List of Files and Folders With Glob

There's a great library added in Python 3.5 that lets you return a list of filenames and folders called glob, here's how to use it. Return files and folders in current folder. >>> glob('**') ['scaffolds', 'node_modules', 'yarn.lock', '_config.yml', 'source', 'db.json',

Figure Out a Download File-Size With Requests

To get the filesize of a download is really easy, servers usually provide a Content-Length in its header response that let us know how heavy is the content we are requesting. We can find out this content length opening our shell and requesting a HEAD response in linux: [ As you

Initialize Rails and Deploy to Heroku

Setup a basic Ruby on Rails project structure and launch it on Heroku

Calculate Filename SHA1 With Ruby

How to get a filename SHA1 in Ruby

HTTP Requests in Python

Python snippets about requests, a library to make http(s) requests.
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