Classes and Special Methods in Python

These are my study notes on Classes and special methods. As always, if something is wrong then you can always correct me, it would help me and everybody else. Class 'Employee' example This is the example class that we're going to use, a class Employee which we will inherit from

Figure Out a Download File-Size With Requests

To get the filesize of a download is really easy, servers usually provide a Content-Length in its header response that let us know how heavy is the content we are requesting. We can find out this content length opening our shell and requesting a HEAD response in linux: [ As you

Scraping Web Data With Requests and BeautifulSoup [Part 2]

A quick recap of the last post: First we requested content using requests library and parsed the response's contents using BeautifulSoup library. We learned that we can manipulate HTML tags, get its contents and attributes (like href from an a tag). We found that the Class post-list is holding an

Scraping Web Data With Requests and Beautifulsoup

Scraping web data is essential if we want to spider web pages for whatever reasons we have, maybe storing posts information (in my case) or monitor a web page, crawl data, etc. We are going to see how to handle html data with BeautifulSoup and Requests using this site as

How to Securely Store Sensitive Configuration With Dotenv

API keys are one example of sensitive information that should remain secret, the problem is that we need to use them in our code to access third-party services like Twitter, Github, DigitalOcean and so on, so how do we manage to use those API keys without hard-coding them into the source code?

Manage Python Versions With Pyenv

Pyenv lets you easily switch between multiple versions of Python. It's simple, unobtrusive, and follows the UNIX tradition of single-purpose tools that do one thing well.

Understanding Accessors in Ruby

Accessors: How do they work and what are they for in Ruby?

Initialize Rails and Deploy to Heroku

Setup a basic Ruby on Rails project structure and launch it on Heroku
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