Python, Code snippets, coding horror, terminal magic and learning.

Logging Events in Python

Learn how to log events in python using the logging library, and then create a small script to log info, warning and error events.

How to Save Dictionaries, Lists, Tuples and Other Objects With Pickle

Sometimes you just want to save a dictionary, a list, a string, or anything into a file so you can use it later. This can be easily achieved with the module Pickle. Warning: The pickle module is not secure against erroneous or maliciously constructed data. Never unpickle data received from

Develop and Publish Your Python Packages With Poetry

Learn how to develop packages using Poetry

How to Easily Use a Progress Bar in Python

A survey of Python progress bar libraries like Progress, ProgressBar2, TQDM, Click, and Clint that allow you to add animated progress bars to your command-line apps.

Easily Create a Project Page for Your Projects with GitHub Pages

How to create a project page using the ever popular Jekyll and GitHub Pages so your projects can have a face, and of course, to show it of to your friends out there.

How to Create a Ruby Gem With Bundler

Learn how to create a full ruby package from start to end.

Generate and Verify Your Commits With GPG in Github

Harden your security verifying your commits and get that green GitHub badge!

Change Flask Root Folder for Templates and Static Files

Today I was facing a problem, I didn't know how to change Flask root directory. Flask by default look for templates and static files under the root directory (/), how can we change that? Changing the root path Here's my directory structure: . ├── api_files │ ├── static │ │ └── style.css │ └── templates │ └── index.html ├── api.
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